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Skinfood Multi Product Review!

Over the past year I’ve had a struggle with finding a new skin care routine. My skin is pretty sensitive to products in the sense that if it doesn’t like it, it will instantly break out in my trouble zones.

I’ve really been into trying new products from a wide variety of brands. Skinfood had been on my list for quite a while but I just never really got to give it a try. This brand focuses on incorporating a lot guess it, food items into their skin care products! I’m all about making home made masks, creams, etc so anything that has more of a natural appeal to it interests me.

I decided for my first venture with skinfood to try their peach sake line. This consists of an emulsion, a toner and a pore serum. The emulsion and toner is for making shine less noticeable. The pore serum is for making large pores less noticeable and controlling the production of sebum. I actually ordered mine off of ulta. Yes, they are on ulta!

First impression of this is that the packaging is really heavy and nice. These bottles are actually glass so you do need to be careful with them. The toner and emulsion contain 135 ml of product while the serum contains 45ml. 135 ml is a lot of product and so far this has stretched so well. I do wish that the serum was larger but you don’t need to use a tone of it to get a good result.

All of these of course smell like peaches! Good news is the smell is not overwhelming. I hate when you get something that is suppose to have a fruit smell and it’s just that really hardcore artificial fruit crap. This is a super light scent which makes for pleasant skin care.

I use the toner first, typically every time I get out of the shower. I dab some onto clean hands and pat it onto my face gently. This doesn’t really dry out my skin but I feel like just applying the toner would leave your skin not as plump as we all want it to look. I follow up with the emulsion which is like a light moisturizer. It’s thin in texture, not greasy and also has that very mild peach smell. You don’t need to use a lot of this because too much CAN make your skin greasy, at for me that’s how it worked. Lastly I’ll put on the pore serum. This is probably my FAVORITE part of this set because it makes your skin literally feel like a SOFT ASS PEACH. You also don’t want to use a tone of this. Usually I put five dots on my face; both cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin.

This combo makes my skin look and feel super soft and moisturized. I would say this doesn’t really make my skin feel super bouncy but that’s not really what its targeted to do. This set focuses on pores and control of sebum. I’ve been using this for about four months now and I feel like it has reduced my dry skin areas. I’ll sometimes get dry spots on my nose, mouth and forehead. I’ve only gotten one flaky skin patch on my nose since starting the use of this.

I really recommend this if you need something gentle but effective!


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