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Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Review

This is probably one of the most reviewed foundations as of late. Now it goes without saying we all know the issues with tarte shape tape Foundation and the color selection they have. They mostly have shades of white, hardly any shades of dark and for those of us who have skin tones between all of those we’re pretty much just left out. Still yet I wanted to try this after seeing a few people recommend it on Facebook. I knew that I needed to try the matte version because hydrating versions for my skin since I have a very oily T-Zone.

I’m just going to go ahead and say that I’m very frustrated with the color selection for myself, as if we didn’t see that coming. Over the past year I’ve had a lot of changes in my skin and oddly enough I feel like I’ve had a lot of changes in the tone and texture. I had to actually purchase these online because my local Ulta didn’t have any in stock so matching was difficult.

I purchased two shades. I ended up with fair neutral and light neutral after recommendations of those shades for myself.  Per the website those were the two closest to matching my tone. However the light neutral was way to yellow for me and the fair neutral almost seemed to pale but I would rather work with something lighter than yellow.

I know its recommended that you apply this with a paddle brush but I’m not a brush person when it comes to foundations or concealers. I want something that’s going to give me a really smooth finish like a beauty blender or other off brand sponge. I did use primer with this; wet n wild photo focus. This foundation and primer may have not been the best combo for a smooth application. The foundation itself dries VERY fast so beware. I think if you are also using a matte primer you may want to just apply this in sections rather than dotting or spreading it all over.

After getting everything blended out I did notice this emphasized my textured areas. It didn’t do too horribly on my nose but on the lower sides of my face I get very small clogged pores and this foundation made them noticeable. I did a light bake under my eyes, nose, forehead and chin. I dusted away with a powder brush and then used the remaining powder on the brush to help set the other areas of my face. Up close I feel like this didn’t look super great. Any bumps or dry spots could be seen. I also want to mention that I moisturized like a BOSS and my skin was on the verge of looking like it needed a drink or two.

I did a light cream contour then finished off with a powder bronze and blush. This shade worked very well for me, much better than the light neutral. All though this isn’t a foundation I think I could wear just by itself. This is some hardcore coverage and definitely makes me look ghostly before the addition of bronzer, blush, etc.

The wear was actually the most impressive part of it in my opinion. I wore a full face to a concert (motionless in white is the bomb!) and it did not BUDGE. Normally after a sweaty (sorry…) night out my make up has at least smudged and smeared in some form. This was just as pretty as when I first applied it. Granted I had issues with it; the quick dry, enhancing texture, color BUT I think that overall it’s a pretty decent foundation if you want something that isn’t going to move. For the price its a meh. I think you could find something that works better all around for the same price or less.

It’s not really a full pass or a full flop. If you want to give it a try, go for it. If not, you nor horribly missing out on anything. Below is the finished look I did with it in natural lighting.



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