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Dollar Store Beauty Blender Imitator Review?!

Time for another review and I thought I’d do something slightly different. Instead of palettes and foundations, I thought I’d review a beauty sponge. No, this is not a beauty blender BUT a cheaper imitation of one.

I purchased this particular beauty sponge at a local Dollar General after I needed to unfortunately throw my original beauty sponge away.

Why buy one at the dollar store you say? Well, because I’m cheap and was in a hurry. just being honest here with it. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with buying beauty products from a dollar store, it just tends to be that most of their beauty products are kind of thin or just simply don’t work.

So I do not have any original image of what the sponge looked like in the packaging. I honestly just opened it up and threw it away without an intention of doing a review on it. I mainly just wanted it to try to do my makeup before work. It has the exact same shape as the blender below and in the featured image.


It came in a small plastic bag, it was the store brand version of this product and it was in pink. I couldn’t really feel the texture of the sponge through the package but it did feel a lot firmer in comparison to the beauty sponges I’m use to. I actually get mine at Walmart most of the time, they are still cheaper than a big brand name and work very well, plus they are extremely soft.

I haven’t used many different types of sponges so I didn’t let the firmness set me off, I honestly thought maybe once it is wet it wont be as hard and will work wonders. The total price for it, I believe was $2.

I brought it home, took it out of the package and then I noticed that the texture was a little more noticeable on this one. Most of the time when you look at a beauty blender the material just looks smooth or if it has an texture its very small, at least in my experience. this one almost made me feel like I could wash dishes with it, no lie. I also notices that it had a very silicone kind of smell to it which was weird since it was a sponge material, stated nothing about silicone on it.

I started to wet it and…nothing happened. I didn’t notice it getting larger hardly at all and the texture  was still so firm. It actually felt very hard and rough. I squeezed the water out and the sponge bounces back immediately, in a very harsh way the smell seemed to get worse.

I wanted to give it a chances so I did. I put my foundation on the back of my hand before dotting on my face then took the blender, as I would with any other, and starting to pat it on my face. I swear this thing sucked up EVERY ounce of foundation I had. It made a full coverage foundation turn into a light once. At this point, I simple gave up and actually threw the blender away and finished blending with my FINGERS which worked a million times better.

So tip to my readers; use that $2 to get a candy bar instead.



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