Maybelline Fit Me Dewy & Smooth Foundation Review

Hello! I know, it’s been a bit since I’ve done a review but here I am, doing one on a new foundation I bought…a couple weeks ago? Anyways…

Today I’m gonna give a little earth talk about Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation. Prior to talking about this foundation I do want to say I have use Fit Me products before, both liquid and pressed powder versions. Their Matte and Poreless is actually one of my favorites to use when my skin is not having a bad dry spell.

Majority of the foundations I come used at matte, I don’t particularly go for anything that is suppose to make you look super dewy. The closest thing I do use to it is foundations by physicians formula, but they just fit well with my skin type.

Per Ulta, this foundation has no oil or waxes, its meant for natural to medium coverage for a, you guess it, natural appearance to the skin to make it look fresh. It also states its suppose to match with your natural tone. I did not purchased mine from Ulta, I acutally just got mine from a local drug store.Β I did find that the shades available in the store were hard for me to choose from. All of the dewy and smooth seemed a little off tone for me, which I can usually work with and easily fix with powder but I prefer if I can just buy something that fits my tone as much as possible. I ended up going with shade number 115 Ivory. Not a perfect match but workable.

Lets get right into the first impressions; the packaging was nice, it’s just in a simple glass container, felt heavy, just like that of the matte and poreless foundation. There really isn’t a smell to it, I know that a lot of drug store brand foundations sometimes have an odd scent to them, which I for one can not STAND. The foundation felt really nice when I first tested it on the back of my hand; it was smooth and silky and you could tell it made my skin look a bit dewy already.

I did try this foundation TWICE with two different primers. The first one I tried was with Baby Skin, from the same brand. It’s always been a go to of mine. I also used my typical beauty blending sponge to blend out the foundation on my face.

This was a huge mistake. The foundation and primer did not like each other. After I applied both and then set with my airspun translucent powder, it began to look VERY cakey. I did not look dewy, I just looked like a overly powdered funnel cake. I, hesitantly, went to work looking like donut. I will say though my donut face held up throughout the day.

After that incident, I didn’t use the foundation for a couple days because it just put me off. After forgiving myself for making an error I tried the foundation over top of their Master Prime Blur and Smooth Primer. THIS WAS THE WINNER. By Winner, I mean I looked fresh and clean like an apple…instead of a cake.

BUT the foundation still did not impress me much. It did much better the second time around after being dusted with my airspun powder, having contour thrown on top, etc. But, I just did not enjoy the look of it. I felt like it set into my creases and pores badly. I have huge pores on my cheeks and nose, this foundation seemed to make them kind of predominate even after the primer change.

Overall, for the price I don’t think it’s terrible. I will us what I have, probably by mixing it with other foundations to play around, etc. It may just be that the foundation didn’t like the products I tried with it or maybe my skin and it just didn’t agree on how I should look.

Fit me Dewy and Smooth gets a 3/5.

Thanks for reading kids and cats!


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