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Eva Hair Wig Review

Time for another review and this one is a little different!

Today I’m going to be reviewing a wig from I bought this wig with my own money and just wanted to give you guys a run down of my experience with them as being a first time customer.

If you don’t know by now, my hair is extremely short. While I love my short hair because the easiness of it in the mornings where I don’t feel like being on fleek, I still long for some long, luxurious mermaid-esque hair. I made the decision to buy a new wig. I’m not a stranger to wearing them, however I’m by far an expert. I have three wigs, four now including this one, all three of which were only used for cosplay or Halloween costumes. This is the first wig I’ve ever bought to actually wear as a part of my every day appearance.

I hadn’t even bought a wig in a very long time so before I purchased anything just on a whim I did some research on a variety of online stores that had wigs in my price range. I wasn’t too picky about it being synthetic, as long as it was a heat resistant, thick synthetic wig.

After searching for about a week and weighing out my options, I decided to go with mainly because of a certain wig that I feel across on their website, which is the one I bought of course.

The wig is the Reddish Brown/ Ginger Cute Bangs Style Wefted Synthetic Wig, as stated on the website. It is 20 inches in length and listed as being heavy in density. I’ll be honest; the color is mostly what got me. However, seeing that it was fairly long, had weight to it, heat resistant AND it was listed as $69, I was pretty much sold. Link to the actual listing here

There was also a coupon code listed on the website which I used, so the wig ended up being about $10 cheaper than the listed price.

So, I’m going to dive right in with the unboxing part of the product. The wig was shipped in a black box, that says Eva Hair on it and it was also wrapped in a plastic shipping bag. Now, my first qualm with this is that the box was slightly damaged. That’s not to say that was the sellers fault because we all have probably had an issue with a delivery service.


(sorry for the dark pictures!) The box is indented in some areas but the wig wasn’t harmed in anyways. It was actually wrapped in plastic and was covered in a black mesh net. An added plus was that it came with two wig caps. They were just your generic skin colored fabric caps.

The first thing I noticed was the color. Now, in the images shown on the website it does look like the color differs BUT I was hoping for more red in this wig. To me, it looks like straight up brown or a very barely there Auburn. I was, and still am, a little disappointed in the color of this. It’s beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

Past the color, I do want to talk about the other aspects of the wig that I really do like. The softness!! This wig is the softest synthetic wig I have ever felt. It really does play well like human hair, there also isn’t a lot of a shine to it. I may still add some dry shampoo, just to it a little more  of a natural appeal. The density of it is A+++ I’ve bought wigs before that have ended up very thing, especially around the scalp and that just sucks because if there is any space at all, even through a wig cap, my bright red hair can shine through. Not to mention no one wants to walk around and have people be starring at the patchiness of your wig.

Another great detail is the part on top. I want to personalize it a little more BUT it actually looks like a human part which is YAAAAAS worthy. Sorry for the shitty flash.


I will say it sheds A LOT. Even when I used a wig comb it still sheds very badly. I’m hoping that with it being so dense that maybe it won’t thin out too badly. Also the bangs were incredibly long like over my eyes long, so I did have to trim those about two inches up to fit them where I like them, just above my brows. I didn’t trim the wig anywhere else though, I like the way it felt naturally. It didn’t tangle easy as I tried it on and even when it did, a comb was an easy fix.

Now I want to mention the wig cap a bit because I’m a little surprised at how big it was. I have a big head, a big ass head. I was actually fearful that maybe it would be too small or just small enough that it wouldn’t be a comfortable fit for me. Once I got the wig on and in place, I noticed the top of it where the natural part it, kind of stuck up a bit. When I laid my hand down on it, I realized there was a decent amount of space between my hair in the cap and the weft wig cap. This was resolved with me pulling it around in a few places, mainly the back of the wig down farther on the nape of my neck which honestly felt uncomfortable but bearable. I did fasten the inside straps to a comfortable space but the fit still wasn’t perfect.

Overall, I think it’s a very pretty wig. There are just some kinks in it but with the high density and nice appearance of it, I think it was worth what I ended up paying for it. It seems like EvaHair has some sort of discount code going all the time so that is a really good plus for them. I do like their shipping, it was a normal turn around time. Mine was elongated by about four days but I missed the first time FedEX tried to delivery it to me so I had to wait until their rescheduled delivery time.

I haven’t worn this wig out, mostly due to my own nerves but per pictures that I’ve taken, I think it makes me look like a much sweeter version of myself!

wig reviewwifreview2


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