Physicians Formula Coconut Water Primer Review

So today’s review is on one of my favorite makeup companies; Physicians Formula. This is a drugstore type makeup, meaning you can find it at most stores like CVS, Rite Aid and even Walmart. It’s about median in price when it comes to drug store makeup, ranging anywhere from $9 and up depending on what kind of product your buying.

The product I want to talk about today is a newer one, it is the Coconut Water Primer. Now, I love anything that has coconut in it both in makeup products and whatever I can devour. It’s really good for your skin and one of the few things that doesn’t irritate me. For  a while I’ve been into the baby skin primer by Maybelline, which is totally awesome, but I wanted to give this a try mainly because I got it on a good deal. Yes, a good deal.

So a little bit about this product per the Physicians Formula description; It is called the 2 in 1 Argan oil and Coconut Water Primer. It contains 100% coconut water and 100% argan oil, it is suppose to improve skin texture, brightness and elasticity, and also hydrate the skin. The product comes in a small box, with an opening the front like most of their products.

With the primers I have used in the past, much like their liquid gold with argan oil, it comes with a dropper tip but this one actually had a sprayer like you would get with a finishing spray, which I was a little off set with at first. I’ve just never had a primer that has that type of spray tip instead of it behind a liquid you pump out or as mentioned, has a dropper with it.

Before I actually applied this primer I made sure my face was clean and moisturized already, like I would before starting any makeup routine. I had decided to actually try this with a full face of makeup on a day where I was going out so I could test the wear and what not. The first thing I noticed was the smell; it’s kind of odd. At first I kind of liked it because it seemed fresh but it was really strong but then the more the smell consumed my air, I started to really dislike it. It kind of, and I’m not saying this to offend anyone, smelled like cat pee after I started to use it.

I applied it per instructions on the box, which was just simply spraying it from  a distance but I felt like I was kind of using a lot just by spraying it openly all over my face. Once the product actually settled I instantly felt my skin start to tingle. Not the good, clean sort of tingle. My face actually felt like it was burning, more so on my nose than anything. It actually burned to the point where my eyes watered a little bit. Now, I started to think maybe it was just due to the fact that my skin was extra dry around my nose at the time, so I actually took my damp beauty blender and tapped it over my face to help soothe it. It did work to a degree but my face still burned a bit.

I followed on with applying my makeup and at that point I felt no burning on my face. Below is a photo of the finished look. It’s a screenshot off instagram, don’t judge~


So, The wear of it was really nice. I didn’t feel like my makeup smudged or creased or really moved at all, so that was a plus. Aside from the burning, the following day I decided to use it again, thinking once more that maybe the little bit of dry skin on my nose was the main source of it.

I was wrong though. I gave it a second chance and it failed. The second time burned even worse which led me to completely swearing off this product. My skin didn’t actually break out from it, though it did turn a little red after the application and during the burning. Overall, I wouldn’t really recommend this product coming from my perspective because of the burning all over my face. Yea, my makeup didn’t move but it wasn’t worth the pain. I actually ended up having to wash my face off after the second attempt at using it because it burned so badly. I also looked into a few other reviews of the product on other sites and noticed that I wasn’t the only one who had the same effect and also thought it smelled like cat pee. This product was a real disappointment to me, so unless you want to feel like your skin is peeling off at and accelerated pace while you’re face down in a litter box, don’t do it!


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