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L’Oreal Colorista Review in Tangerine

Hello, time for a hair product review!

The product I’m going to talk about it rather new but by a familiar company; L’oreal. I use to big on using box colors but for about the past two years I’ve been more so on the side of getting my supplies from Sallys, HOWEVER I was really interested in this product after coming across it in a local store.

Per the box it notes that this hair color is vegan and has no ammonia in it. It is only a semi permanent color that washes out in 4-10 washes. So, I really liked the fact that it was a vegan product, I like to try a lot of natural products. It cost around $10 at my local Walmart.

Out of all the colors I was looking for a red, red is pretty much MY color when it comes to dying. You’re rarely see me in anything else. The two I looked at were Tangerine and Red. Now, on the side of the box it gives you comparison of what your hair may look like after dying it depending on what shade your hair is now. Mine was more so its original color because I hadn’t colored it in a really long time so I was more so on the dirty blonde spectrum. I compared both of the boxes and to be honest, I didn’t see a whole lot of difference in them. I even made my boyfriend look and neither could he.

I decided to go with Tangerine because I don’t normal pick orange reds, so if it did turn out different than the box, it would be something new for me to try for a short time since they do wash out eventually.

Inside the box there is only one item which is your tube of color. It comes in like the same sort of tube as a face mask or body wash does. Like most hair color kits it came with instruction papers and gloves. I did like that it came with multiple sets of gloves and a mini application brush. One thing that you do have to make sure is that with this product you shampoo your hair prior to use and make sure your hair is COMPLETELY dry before application.



First impressions upon opening the tube of color was that it didn’t have a harsh smell. Not really any smell actually which was kind of nice. The product was very easy to squeeze out of the tube and apply. I chose to apply mine all over and on the box it states to not apply it to the scalp directly. I did, it didn’t stain my scalp or irritate it.

I waited 30 minutes as designated before washing out the product. Once again the box stated to use gloves to wash out the product but I just used my hands. It didn’t stain my hands, if it did a little bit I easily washed it off.


Now the color I expected wasn’t as intense as I got. Here are my results after about two washes. Don’t judge my none makeup face!


It was much more intense that I expected after the initial dye. I’m not saying that I don’t like it, I just didn’t expect that this product with no strong chemicals was going to be able to light my hair on fire, color wise. It’s very very bright, the picture above was actually taken outside. Prior to use this I didn’t treat my roots, lighten them or anything, I just applied this all over. It didn’t take to my roots at all. Like I said, my hair was back to a dirty blonde so I’m not sure if it’s just where this color does not contain harsh chemical that my roots didn’t take any of the color or not. I absolutely hate the sight of my roots so I’ll fix them at some point. So the color obviously took to the rest of my hair but let me say that I’ve had colored hair for the past 6 years of my life. If you’re hair has been untouched, I’m not so sure how it will turn out.

Overall, I think this is a really cool product. The fact that its just pretty much a one step, easy to follow dye job makes it a real plus. Even if you end up not happy with the results, it is temporary and fades with every wash



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