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All About Brows

Out of all the things I get asked most about when it come to how I do my makeup, it’s my eyebrows. In this post I’m just going to tell you guys the products I use to achieve my eyebrows and other products I’ve tried or would recommend.

I think personally the color and thickness of your brows depends a lot of what products may work for you to define and shape your brows. I prefer mine to be very defined and shaped with a slight arch. If you have really dark brows, I think using a brow pencil may benefit you greatly. For those that have really thick brows, you may not even need anything more than a wax to shape them up and a pencil to help define.

Unfortunately I was born with ghostly white eyebrows. Like, for the longest time in high school I think people thought I didn’t have eyebrows. I was one of the kids that wore raccoon eyes but then…had no brows. Well, they were there I just had no clue how to define them or the benefits it would give to framing my face.

So, I started out by using brown shadows to give them definition. I’ve always used an angle brush, to this day, to actually fill in my brows. It’s been so long I can’t really remember the brand I use to use, I don’t think I had a set brand back in those days. I mostly just fond whatever brown shadow fit well enough with my hair to make my brows known.

The first real eyebrow product I remember buying was from Walmart. It was the Salon Perfect Definitely Eyebrow kit. It came with two shades of brown, one light one dark, a wax and a angled brush. To be honest, I never really learned or got the point of the wax. I always, ALWAYS ended up making more of a mess with it than actually setting my brows. I was going to post an image of the product but the original one that I bought, which I don’t even have anymore, looks like the packaging has changed but the image below is pretty much the same thing, there’s just a few additions such as the pencil.


And here’s an image of what my brows looked Β with just using this product. Mind you this was when I first started playing around with my brows.


The next product I started trying, and still use, is actually from the brand Wet and Wild. I 100% love this product, it’s my go to for filling in my actually brows. It comes with a tiny angle brush, two shades of brown and wax. It’s got the same similar specs as the salon perfect BUT I felt like this one went on a lot better. There wasn’t as much fall of the product off the brush and I felt like I could control the powder a little bit more.


After trying this for a while, I wanted to try more of the brow gels to define. My first one I try was by NYX, in a deep brown. Now, I liked this product but then again…didn’t because it dried waaaay too fast and ended up with my caking my brows up. My brows have always been thin on the ends but thick in the front through the middle so if I don’t apply a product right, they very easily can look patchy and caked up.


I wrote off the NYX brow gel and tried their brow pencil in natural brown. It also came with a little brush at the end, which was a nice add in. I still had similar issues with this pencil; it didn’t really go on very smooth, I found it hard to make really nice, sleep defining lines. I felt like I had caterpillars on my face.

I was disappointed in those two products but I think it was simply a combination of me not yet being 100% comfortable with doing my brows and figuring out what worked best for them. I continued to use just the powder from wet and wild until I came across another NYX product (you’re probably gonna hear me talk about them a lot..) called a Brow Marker. I had my doubts because I didn’t want to literally look like I draw them on.


This thing is pretty much the holy grail of brow shaping in my opinion. I love that it is an easily controlled product, just like a marker. I recommend this to anymore who want’s to define their brows to a T. I use it in a dark brown color, can’t remember the exact shade off the top of my head. I use this product first after brushing my brows to groom all the little hairs in the same direction. I define the bottom of my brows, then the top. I find using this actually really helps me also make sure my brows are even because it’s really just a big shit on your day to have one brow looking like a dagger and the other one is just off in neverland.

After defining with this, I go back with my wet n wild eyebrow kit, which I will also post a picture of in here. I use an angled brush to fill everything in. I use to use the lighter brown in the kit but now I just the darker, also I still never use the wax/gel in this. I don’t now what it is but brow wax and myself don’t get along.


And that’s pretty much it for my brow routine these days! NYX Brow Marker and Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit! I have no issues with them smudging at all, wearing off or being difficult to use. I really recommend this product if you’re looking for great brows! I’m hoping to be able to do an actual tutorial on how I do mine soon!





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