Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Review

So its time for my FIRST REVIEW -celebratory scream-

Majority of the makeup I buy is what you would consider ‘drug store’ makeup. It’s what fits into my budget on a personal basis, not to mention it’s typically a much better up keep with the product if I find something that works well for a cheaper price.

One of the brands I’ve been on and off for quite a while is Hard Candy. I’ve used a lot of their face products, such as their concealers and primers, most of which I’m very neutral on. There’s not a lot of their products that have been real hits with me, I find a lot of them crease or wear off quickly.

But this review is on one of their newer lip products. I’m a sucker for a red or even a dark brown lippie. While shopping I came across their Velvet Mousse Matter lip Color in Dahlia. The item came in a little metal tin which opened easy and the design of the product itself was sleek and simple.

At $6 I wasn’t really going to pass it up. So I ended up buying it though I was skeptical of the outcome of the product. Since I feel like a lot of hard candy wears and runs off after short periods of time, I was afraid the problem with this lip color would be a lot of feathering. Which when it comes to super bold, dark colors I can’t stand to see any amount of feathering. It’s like when you’re talking to someone and see something in their teeth but just can’t stop staring.

BUT I was pleasantly surprised. The color went on very smooth, was rich and didn’t seem to be very dry. I left the color on for amount six hours to see how well it stayed. There was barely any smudge to the color, besides from me getting drinks here and there. It also didn’t dry my lips out terribly. I suffer from really dry lips, I’m constantly carrying chap stick so to find a lip color that appears matte but that doesn’t make my lips look like a dried, pucker you know what, is pretty freaking fantastic.

Prior to using this, I’ve always been a NYX girl. Love all their matter products, still do, but their pretty bad about giving me that crusty mouth look after so long. The only other issue with this product was multiple applications. It honestly seemed better to wipe off the first and apply it again, rather than add another one on top. It seemed to make it really stiff to apply and even the color became a little uneven. Side note; this color wipes off SUPER easy if you need it to and DOESN’T stain at all which was another great plus. Over all, its worth the $6! I recently went shopping and saw they now have metallic ones which I’m sure I’ll try shortly!



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